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[S1E4] Switch Hitter

Overall, this was a good episode. The switch up of the pairings allowed for some new dynamics to shine through and really let these characters continue to grow. Each one has their own skeletons to deal with and the other characters give them a different perspective and type of support needed for their situations showing the strength these people have when they trust in each other. The multiple cases format continues to be a unique aspect of this show that never ceases to bring enough entertainment every week.

[S1E4] Switch Hitter

GREYEveryone have a seat. Today is a special day for our rookies. 'Cause today we switch things up. That's right. Everybody gets a new training officer. Nolan, you'll be riding with Officer Lopez. West, you'll be riding with Officer Bradford. And Chen, you'll be with Bishop. But learning how to navigate a new T.O. is not your only challenge. By the end of next shift, I expect every rookie to uncover something personal about their training officer, something they don't want you to know. This will be a test of your investigative instincts and your fortitude. Best insight will win a day off. Worst one handles Saturday night cavity searches. That's it. Good luck.

Francis tries to prank his authorities by convincing Stanley to sneak into Spangler's office and switch the slides for the sex ed presentation. However, the Commandant hijacks their plan before it comes to fruition and puts some very different slides in instead in the form of embarrassing photos of Francis picking his nose, scratching his butt and using the urinal. Afterwards, Spangler tells Francis that "a good soldier always checks the chamber."

Mike Daniel [00:10:37] Right. And you have to know how to have that conversation. It needs to be a positive conversation. Your landlords may say no at first and at some point relent if you continue. As this prolongs, a lot of businesses haven't paid their rent since March. If you're current, they're more likely to have that conversation with you. But even if you're not, I think you should constantly have the conversation, and maybe you can even adjust the terms. Maybe switch from a flat rate to a percentage of sales. There's a lot of different ways to take a look at rent. And a lot of landlords, as you said, Gregg, are willing to have that conversation, because the last thing they want is an empty building.

After a short while, Lee's leg will break through the wooden staircase and it will get caught. From now on you need to focus your attention on two things at the same time. First you have to try to pull your leg out four times. Second, you need to shoot the walkers that get closer the more red the corners of the screen become, the closer your opponent gets. You perform each of these two actions on a separate screen, and you switch between the screens by "leaning out" up or down. It's best to finish off all the walkers you can see first and then pull out your leg twice, repeat all this to free yourself. 041b061a72


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