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How to Use FusionCharts 3.12.2 with All Maps to Create Stunning Data Visualizations for Your Web Applications

http://localhost/FusionCharts/FCF_MSChart.php?xAxisLabel=%27Countries%27&yAxisLabel=&categoricalColumns=%27Country%27 FusionCharts 3.12.2 with All Maps You can integrate all the charts in a single page into the same FusionCharts dashboard.

FusionCharts 3.12.2 with All Maps

Download Zip:

The map comes with drag and drop features and displays arrows indicating direction of flow. The edit option lets the user to draw an outline of the countries on the map and change its color.

The data for this map is sourced from the GeoNames database, which is a web service that compiles and maps geographic data. It provides them with advanced tools and a standards-based data access layer to integrate data from their Web Map Service and Web Data Service.

When you create a map, you first choose the map type. Each map type has its own advantages, disadvantages, and interaction features that may or may not be available. For example, Google maps has advanced layer support and zooming while OpenLayers uses a JavaScript API. The dashboard offers 60 predefined map types and many more can be downloaded from the FusionCharts Library. These maps can also be integrated into web applications using FusionCharts. These map types would be great for various dashboards, such as Yellowfin, to create sophisticated maps and charts.

Note that all the links originate from a parent chart. The data of the parent chart contains data for all descendant charts, also called the linked data. You can configure the descendant charts to either replace the parent chart with an option to drill back up to the parent, or open them in new dialogs or frames. You need to configure the link for this behavior, just the way shown in the previous section.


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