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Party Animals - Have You Ever Been Mellow (official Music Video) !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Welcome to the Happy Hardcore world of the Party Animals.... where being soft is not an option! 15 years after their first break-out Number 1 "Have You Ever Been Mellow" the Party Animals live-show remains a crowd puller. To see what all the fuss is about, you can check out the CD/DVD "Gang Of Four", this compiles the non-stop Happy Hardcore anthems - and their videos, hilarious backstage and behind the scenes antics and an extended and highly opinionated history. Of course - you can see all our videos online on our site or download them for free at the official label channel Holland is the birthplace of Happy Hardcore and what makes it unique is that all over the country millions of kids demand their music Fast and Loud and we are not talking Tiësto. Many "Hard" music scenes thrive here, from Hardstyle & Jumpstyle to Hardcore & Industrial. The Party Animals are a phenomenon that continues to unite and excite generation after generation of loyal fans! Now, after fifteen years, the Time has come ...we are going GLOBAL... we're letting the world in on Holland's best kept secret.Live on stage the Party Animals have always been represented by four guys with entertainment in their blood. The only thing is.... what four guys? Throughout the years the line-up has changed constantly... that's just one thing that makes the Party Animals unlike any other pop group. Nowadays the group consists of Martijn, Jan, Kelvin & EB, all in their late teens/early 20's. Martijn, who started out as Party Animal's webmaster in 2002 is the oldest of the group, Jan is the youngest. Kelvin and EB are somewhat rougher and harder than the rest.The songs are made by Dutch/American dj/producers duo Flamman & Abraxas. After their "I Wanna Be A Hippy" remix for Technohead - which became a number one hit in at least five European countries, they took their signature sound to create the Party Animals. Many P.A.songs have enjoyed silver, gold and platinum status in Holland where three singles hit the number one in the singles charts consecutively. You may also remember Flamman & Abraxas from their earlier classics under the name Fierce Ruling Diva: Rubb It In and You've Got To Believe - two songs that defined Housemusic as it evolved.The Party Animals are in close touch with their fans thanks to the unique and addictive website that combines artist-site and fan-site in one. A Party Animals fan is called a Member. Here is where Members meet and plan their weekends, here is where Members give the group feedback on their songs & shows, here is where news is born and hearts are torn. You can lose yourself and browse for hours through thousands of Member Profiles, Forum discussions, Photo galleries and Video clips. We welcome Members from all over the world. Tell us what's Hot in your City!With a full live-agenda, new singles coming out on a regular basis, fifteen years worth of timeless hits & clips are now available for you to enjoy and you will be surprised to see the amount of energy and enthusiasm that is being put in by everybody that make the Party Animals a phenomenon set to sweep the planet!

Party Animals - Have You Ever Been Mellow (official music video)

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