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Nabi Big Tab 24 Best Buy

The Big Tab runs Android 4.4 KitKat with a similar skin to what we've seen on older Nabi tabs. There's a sandboxed Nabi mode that restricts what apps you can use and how long you can use them for. This is the heart of the Big Tab experience and is one of the better executed kid-friendly environments I've seen. Apps are categorized into games, education, entertainment, and creation, with preloaded apps for all four. Parents can create custom time limits for specific groups or reward kids for using things like educational apps for a certain amount of time. The creation tools are a bit rudimentary, but include simple apps for animation, video editing, and drawing. Educational content covers Pre-K through sixth grade level math and reading skills with simple games and puzzlers. Parents can manage educational goals and reward their kids with "nabi coins" (purchased with real money) that can be used to download apps, movies, and books from the App Zone, Fuhu's own content store.

nabi big tab 24 best buy

Beyond the sandboxed Nabi mode, though, the Big Tab's next best feature is Parent mode, which unlocks the full power of Android. Aside from the built-in parental control features, Fuhu left Android relatively untouched. You get full access to the Google Play store, which opens up a world of multimedia options for grownups. You're essentially getting a 24-inch, streaming-only HDTV as a bonus. 041b061a72


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