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Cargo Truck Simulator: Drive and Deliver with Unlimited Money Mod APK

Mod V7 features:Much moneyCargo Transport Simulator is a popular mobile game that allows players to experience the thrill of delivering cargo across various destinations.With the Cargo Transport Simulator mod v1.15.3, players can now enjoy unlimited money, making it easier for them to purchase advanced vehicles and cargo equipment.This mod allows players to customize their routes and vehicles, as well as explore new territories.With improved graphics and realistic gameplay, Cargo Transport Simulator mod v1.15.3 is a must-play game for anyone who loves transport simulations.With new updates and features coming out regularly, this game is sure to keep players engaged and entertained for hours on end.

cargo truck simulator mod apk

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Mod V8 features:Much money Cargo Transport Simulator Mod v1.15.3 is an exciting game available for Android users.The mod version comes with much money that allows players to have a more enjoyable gameplay experience.In this game, players get to experience what it's like to be a truck driver, hauling cargo across various cities and landscapes.There are different levels and challenges to overcome, making the game even more thrilling.Players have the ability to upgrade their trucks and customize their trailers to become the ultimate transport mogul.With its immersive gameplay and realistic graphics, Cargo Transport Simulator is a must-play for anyone who loves trucking games.

CTS: Cargo Transport SimulatorBecome a truck driver in this expansive open world truck driver simulator. The world has dynamic day and night cycle, as well as different weather conditions.Start from the bottom and work your company to the top. You start with a classic venerable truck. Deliver trailers and earn money, upgrade your truck or buy more modern trucks. There are over 38 trucks to choose from. All vehicles are fully modeled and have realistic interior and exterior views with freelook feature.If you are not into semi trucks, there is also a variety of Light Trucks. The choice is yours.

You can take any job by checking the kilometers traveled and collecting money after completing the job. Gain more money to upgrade your vehicles with an ultra-powerful engine, solid and robust wheels, different skin colors, and other accessories. And also, if you want to continue on the highway, you need to pay a toll fee ticket. Yellow arrow-marked directions will display; you should follow those directions to reach the destination and unload the goods. Steering, Horn, and Gps are on the left side, and direction movements, gear, brake, petrol reader, and speed bar are on the right side. Gps shows the kilometers required to travel to reach destiny from your current location. Overcome all the vehicles that come your way and tricky turns on the road. You will feel excited while driving these massive trucks on city roads and highways.


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