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The Ultimate Guide to Beatmania IIDX Completemix Ver 7.58

Contains 98 tracks from the Japanese version of beatmania IIDX. The CV Test version of song 14 featured a cover of "Turning the Motor Over" by jazz saxophonist and harmonica player Jeff Coote, his only commercially released work. Coote was also featured on the 2011 compilation The Beatmania IIDX Collection Vol. II. As of 2013 it is unknown if an English patch was available for this version of beatmania IIDX.

Beatmania Iidx Completemix Ver 7 58

A port of the Japanese release which was released as an unpolished bootleg. It has been just recently (around this year) that this unofficial port has received attention, and has been proven to be legitimate by Konami. This release also includes all 27 songs from the 2nd completeMIX.

In 2003, a port of the 1999 completeMIX has been released, however it is slightly different. This port has been modified so that the beatmania instrument sounds do not make any noise, along with the music notes display showing the correct volume instead of the bar chart.

This is the official release of the completeMIX 6. While the game shares the same names of previous port, this version is completely different. Songs in this release are called simply Beatmania instead of As Another Mode, and it also contains songs from the Japanese release of beatmania. This release was released on the North American Xbox one console by Hudson Soft in 2008, and may be a port of the Japanese release, in any case, it is not needed to get any of the completeMIX 6 songs.

The first release of completeMIX 7. Unlike the previous releases, songs in this version have been divided into many more different categories. It also features songs from the completeMIX 6, and the Nintendo DS port, completeMIX 2.


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